Senior Pastor

Dabo Hilary Davies is a charismatic and visionary leader, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur who serve as senior pastor of The Household of Mercy, a charity registered in London England.
He is called and commissioned to accomplish an assignment in this generation and after. His passion and desire is not limited to leading a local assembly, but to lead a global movement, and by the help and influence of the Holy Spirit inspire, encourage, motivate and challenge believers and people generally to identify, develop, maximize, expand, enlarge and excel in their individual spheres of influence, thereby enforcing the kingdom of our God here on the earth.

Beyond the pulpit, Dabo is an astute entrepreneur, nation builder, an instrument of change, national transformation and social relevance. With his passion for youths, Dabo has a vision to initiate a foundation for young people with its primary aim to inspire and challenge them for greater heights of achievement in life, going through schools, colleges and the community encouraging, teaching, motivating and challenging young people to become the best in everything they do.
He has a passion to extend his heart and hands to the homeless and discontented, providing a sense of direction for the distressed and a message of hope for the hopeless He is a man not confined by tradition, not incarcerated by limiting ideologies, nor restricted by culture or race, and not daunted by denomination. He is husband to Elizabeth Davies and they are blessed with lovely children.