Project 100


Project 100 is a community initiative with a mission for 1 person to reach 100 homeless, vulnerable and people sleeping rough in our community. We are motivated to alleviate poverty among homeless and those at risk of being homeless, providing advice and support.


Project 100 functions under the auspices of Household of Mercy–HOMe, a church group in the city of London.


Our Mission is to break the cycle of homelessness. To alleviate and systematically eliminate homelessness in our communities.
We intend to build centres with a view of helping homeless and vulnerable people rediscover themselves, identify and maximize their unique abilities.


At Project 100, we believe that everyone is someone irrespective of where they live or sleep.
Hence, our vision is to extend a warm hand of kindness towards those sleeping rough, and systematically help them reintegrate back and become functional in the society.

While we provide some basic immediate needs for the homeless, our greater goal is to reduce and hopefully eliminate homelessness in our communities.
We understand the different factors that can lead to homelessness whether short term or long term, hence we work with passion, commitment and love.

We believe that every homeless person can come out of homelessness and become a functional part of society.

Our goal is to raise awareness around the issues of homelessness, but beyond awareness, we have an intention of running a redefining centre that would be open every day all year.

We hope that through this centre, we can break the cycle of homelessness, cause our guests to be understood differently and help them reintegrate into the society.

It will be a place where our guests will be taught how to believe in themselves again, build on their weaknesses and maximise their strengths positively.

As a young group with a great vision, while we are still working towards having a facility to house our project, we have partnered with organisations and projects whose focus is to help the homeless and vulnerable people in our society.

You can join our winter campaign tagged ‘Keep Em’ Warm’. This runs through the winter months where we collect items ranging from clothes, toiletries, sleeping bags, and distribute to those that need them.
From making up beds, to cooking or simply being a friendly face and listening ear, we’d love your help.

You can reach us in the following ways


Phone: +44 7774 749095