Prayer for the Nations is a mandate given by God to stand in the gap for our Nations, not only praying but also educating God’s children on our responsibility over our nations, using our individual spheres as platforms to establish God’s purpose, principles, and values here on earth.

The idea is ‘Redemption’ – both of man and the land.

This mandate is rooted on this bible verse, Proverbs 29:2

When you and I begin to enlarge and excel, increase and multiply in our various areas of expertise, then we can bring rejoicing in our city and nation.

Then we can build youth centres, produce books, music, and movies, cartons that contain good morals and affect our children positively.
Then we can provide homes for the homeless, jobs for the jobless, and look after our less privileged and senior citizens.
Then we can look after our young girls who parade and sell themselves cheap in hotels and brothels, lodges and street corners,
Then we can run drug cartels out of drug deals and clean our streets.
Then our votes will count and not just be counted.
Then our voices will be heard, acknowledged and our ideas implemented.
Then we can become stakeholders in our community, city and nation.
Then we can be recognised on the trading floor of the stock exchenges around the world,
Then we will be placed in very strategic positions in the society,
And then we will be consulted before policies are agreed on, laws are passed and enforced.
Then we can influence decisions made in parliament,
Then the Kingdom of our God has impacted our nation.
For the kingdom of God is Righteousness, peace and joy [Romans 14:17]

Our motivation is on the fact that God holds the church, you and I responsible for our society.The church in this context is not a physical structure or religious organization, but you and me.

Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, “that upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” – and he wasn’t speaking of a beautiful building.

‘Church’ in this context according to the Greek root meaning is ‘EKKLESIA’, and it’s a combination of 2 words, the first word is, EK – which simply means ‘The point from which motion or action proceeds’.
The second word is ‘KALEO’– which means to call or to incite by words.
So the word ‘church’ would mean the called out ones, or those that have been incited or spurred by the words (the word of God) into motion or action.

This clearly explains that the intention of God is not for you and I to sit in a congregation every week and make little or no impact in our families, community, city, nation and the world at large.

We are called ‘OUT’, but we’ve decided to stay in, occupy positions, scramble for authority and are comfortable while things go wrong and deteriorate around us, our leaders been deceived and tossed to and fro by negative forces beyond their understanding. But we’ve decide to take a stand!

We have come to understand that ​the church fulfils its mandate when it changes society, not when it is confined to its sanctuary and Sunday school classrooms.